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1. Make sure it works all by itself first with your Speakers as the output

2. Once you know SDR# is working itself, then:

Input: [MME] Microsoft Sound
Output: [MME] Line 1 (Virtual Audio Cable)

3. Make sure Filter Audio is UNcheckmarked (if you don't you'll have problems later decoding)

B. Windows Control Panel

Default Recording Device: Line 1 Virtual Audio Cable
Default Playback Device: Your speakers


dsd -i /dev/dsp -o /dev/dsp

Assuming DSD starts showing stuff scrolling down the screen, wash Inlvl (Inlvl shows up on the DSD screen). Try to keep it around 30 (my personal favorite area). If it's higher or lower, adjust "AF Gain" in SDR until INLVL in DSD is around 30.

If you're monitoring TRBO, remember you may have to invert ( -xr ).


Originally Posted by airforceflyr View Post

Need help getting my NooElec R820T to play nice with DSD & VAC. Have tried various settings from this thread and elsewhere and cannot get very far. I believe I have a sound card config issue. I'm using SDR# v1.0.0.1126. SDR# works great on my laptop (Sony VAIO Vista SP2) but when trying to configure audio for DSD, SDR# will not process any audio.

Bottom Line is- when I configure input/output audio settings in SDR# and attempt to initiate "Play RTL-SDR" I get an error box " paUnanticipatedHostError" which does not active SDR#. I've attached a screen shot to help capture my settings. I've tried other input/output combos in SDR# with no luck. When running SDR# without trying to route via VAC, the settings that work perfectly on the laptop are :

INPUT: MME Microphone (High def audio) Output: MM Speakers (High Def Audio) ,
Control Panel Sound settings : Playback: High def audio Recording : Microphone (high def audio)

Thanks much for any ideas !!
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