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Hi All,

I am new to using SDR# and DSD, I have ordered a DVB USB stick and it is on its way, but I still don't have it yet. I am trying to configure all of my software first before the unit arrives, in my area we have a trunked 800mhz Motorola smartnet setup for all of our public safety, of which only the police (RCMP) and the conservation officers for the Department of Natural Resources are digital, the rest are analog. I have a nice triple trunking analog scanner that I use for the rest of the system, and am testing the USB SDR# method to try and receive the P25 digital communications in my area. I have read the article that everyone references to in terms of using SDR#, Unitrunker, virtual audio cable and DSD. However the end of the article where it mentions using one usb stick instead of two is a little confusing to me, it states that the audio output must be the same in both unitracker and SDR# so that DSD and unitracker both receive the input from SDR#. The way I have it set is that my output from SDR# is set to virtual line in 1, however for unitrunker, does that mean that my signal channel should be set as "audio port: line 1 virtual" as well? In the setup instructions in the beginning of the article is says to set that option to anything but the default recording device (virtual line 1 in this case), so that's where I got confused. Any help is greatly appreciated, I'm sorry to have dragged this on and on, but the SDR# program in general intrigues me, and I just wanted clarification before I screw something simple up!
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