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Originally Posted by RFsponge View Post
Hello all- Quick question.

I've scoured the forums without finding a totally on-target answer. I'll also PM UPMan. Very simply, will Uniden radios (996T, 396T, 996XT, 396XT, HP1 and HP2) be able to monitor Phase II with a firmware upgrade or will new radios (possibly still in development) need to be purchased in the near future?
The only scanner currently capable of p25 phase 2 is the PSR-800, if you can find/afford one. None of the other GREs can do it.

As to the Unidens: they have been tight lipped on phase 2 plans.

Phase 2 is TDMA, which requires a different type of receiver design so firmware alone isn't always all there is to it.
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