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I am the Hunterdon County ARES Coordinator. The switch to UHF is going to be a long process. There is no Official Plan at this time to move the Fire off Low Band. Departments at this time are developing there own FG channels. The County can not switch to a new system till there is money to Replace all Department Radios and right now there is none.

The UHF system is a test system and if you check they lost 2 of the channels they had from the FCC data base.

As for Lambertville being on a Turbo system I don't see that were this this info come from ?

There is no FD in Hunterdon on a Digital system for FG as mutual aid company's do not have the radios nor the money to get radios for such.They use Fire 9 Simplex a lot as that is a little use channel and Raritan has built out its own FG system with Cross-Band repeater's.

Hunterdon needs a new system for the Fire Service and there is a lot of post about what they are doing but most of it is inaccurate. If you or anyone else have other info unless it is from the County Coordinator I would assume it to be speculation. We can all hope they get a better system as the Low Band is way out of Date ...........
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