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The County does not seem to have control of the Local Departments and they are doing what they want to do now. NJ is a Home Rule State and some Fire Company's are taking advantage of it. If you look at Camden County you do not see this.
At some point a civilian or a fire fighter will get seriously hurt and it will make the papers and then they will realize how bad it is...

To give you a good example a month ago Lambertville had a 3 alarm fire the Chief could not get a truck to charge a line as he was calling on Fire 9 and the Engine did not have a VHF radio as it was a Mutual Aid engine.So someone had to Run 2 blocks to tell him to charge it.

I am very familiar with the mind set in Lambertville as far as why they are doing what they are and it is through ill advice from a Ham radio Operator.
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