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Originally Posted by IredellMon View Post
I can come up with about 1000 reasons one would see this error message, but what is really throwing me for a loop is that it seems the first time you start darkice it works, the second time it does not. And that I cannot explain (yet). The /etc/hosts file looks OK to me.
If that is correct, ask yourself what is different the second time.
Is the first instance running automatically at boot? If so, verify that it is REALLY running (and working), then stop darkice:
sudo /etc/init.d/darkice stop
verify it is stopped, then try manually starting it:
sudo /usr/bin/darkice yourfirstconfigfilename
Does it start? does it feed OK?
If OK, try a second instance:
sudo /usr/bin/darkice yoursecondconfigfilename
Cross fingers and report back...
UPDATE as to my progress..

1. I have been able to launch the second instance successfully using this command:
darkice -c /etc/darkice1.cfg

2. You are correct the initial instance launches at boot without any action.

So my last question (I Hope) is how can I locate the area that automatically launches session 1 at boot and also add Session 2 as to eliminate the manual execution?

Thanks to everyone for your assistance.

W4INT - Brad
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