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Originally Posted by East_Algoma View Post
mckie : Do you hink it is possible to , take from the TAFL ( your software ) and allow it to be Programed into scanners such as Uniden 996 , etc.

This way I could add so much more..from the diff areas I travel in....and it would also make for an awesome Scanner Freq list to Monitor .

What ya think ??

ps : Nice job....Ive been going to that TAFL for a long while now....THX
Firstly, sorry for taking so long to reply.

Next, I don't have a consumer radio scanner so I can't really advise you on how yours can be programmed. The site is mostly meant for quick checks of specific information, rather than being a database of frequencies organized in a way that might be useful to a scanner enthusiast. So I'm afraid there will be some manual work involved.

Thanks for the support!