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Originally Posted by nd5y View Post
Another thing I noticed is VCALL10 (155.7525) and TXCALL1D (154.95) being added to some base station licenses. I wonder if they are going to do that everwhere.
The word is that both 155.370 and 154.950 have been reassigned and re-toned and called TXCALL1D/TXCALL2D but several counties have relicensed these recently as Texas Law-1 and 2. Some of the radio dealers here seem to believe that the "D" stands for Digital and not Direct. Yet the push for Digital by Fire Departments was dropped in an MOU amendment in Dec. 2012. (Well at least the push for digital by fire on or before 2015)

While I have heard absolutely nothing on V-CALL-10 in Texas, Oklahoma tears it up! V-FIRE-21, 22, 23 are getting used more and more, in fact PHI and Air-Evac have adopted these channel name fulltime. I've programed most fire departments in the county with these as well but very few surrounding counties have done so.

DPS-101 was working a search in Fannin County recently and when asked by our Sheriff to go to Texas Law-3 he refused and stated DPS would be fined for not operating on the designated State Inter-op channels.

As for DPS I was talking with the radio guy who services Sherman and what I learned was that the DPS backbone in 800 Mhz trunked and only the local simulcast at Sherman is VHF conventional. This baffles me, but might mean something to you guys .... My personal thought is he has this screwed up with the Overlay systems, but one never knows.
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