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Originally Posted by JChabalie View Post
I have no idea. I know that they plan on using the existing frequencies with new PL's. I'm a dispatcher in the South Zone that also handles the West and you would think that we would be up on this info. Surprisingly we find out more from the field units about whats going on. I did see on the FCC License Search that at least the West Police channels were granted an extension to narrowband, but that expired on June 30th.
I wonder if the North Boros area would be lumped into the new West channels once those go up?

On a similar note, I'm curious if McCandless, Franklin Park and Ohio Twp. fire will eventually end up on the North Fire channels with the receipt of their radio/pager grant this past Spring. They're basically on their own UHF frequencies right now, and with the county's trend of consolidating channels, wasn't sure if they'd remain there or not.
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