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Default Work-around for the Delay Re-Tune issues

Like many other posters I was having the issue where Trunker plugin would sit on the control channel and not move despite Unitrunker showing it should be changing frequencies.

This is what worked for me.
Every time I opened trunker.xml it showed the control freq was set to 0 and it never changed.
Open the trunker.xml in wordpad.
Look for <controlFreq>0</controlFreq>.
There I manually changed the control frequency between the ><. Enter it as 9 numbers ie 815.427 =815427000
Save it but dont close wordpad
Open SDR#
Go back to word pad, click save again
Now set Trunker (plugin) to Enabled
I then was able to get it to correctly Delay Re-tune etc using Signal as Delay detection method.

This was using only one USB dongle.

My guess is that the trunker is not receiving the correct control channel variable so it doesn't realize it is sitting on the control channel freq until you manually tell it what frequency the control channel is.
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