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Originally Posted by Swipesy View Post
Yes Mike both my PSR 500 and PSR 800 are uptodate and the updated tables input. I will go tomorrow closer to the site and play with the settings.
Ok, cool. Now I'm speaking from experience [having beat myself upside the head multiple times for failing to do this] --- I'd go into Win500 and click on the Trunking Tables button and select the "800 Mhz (Rebanded)" option and then re-upload to the scanner. What I failed to do many times was to actually select "Custom" next to where it says "Trunking Tables".

So basically, I would set select the custom 800 Mhz Rebanded trunking tables, but in the scanner it was still set to use the default trunking tables instead of the custom one.

So ya might want to check that you changed two separate locations.

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