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Originally Posted by mtindor View Post
My confusion on this one in particular is that at some point in the past 867.75 was listed as an alternate control channel. When the site was rebanded I changed it to 852.75. But if Mike i seeing 853.6625 as a CC and we know the primary is 851.7625, just wondering where that left 852.75. I'd rather know specifically the two advertised control channels for that site rather than guessing at the second one at this point.

The bigger picture is that many sites [for which I know there are only two control channels] list more than two control channels. I'd like to get that cleaned up. I'm sure places like the Columbus Simulcast are different, but since the vast majority of sites only use two I would certainly like to verify the two and then clean up any remnants of other alternates listed.
Officially, there is one primary and one alternate control channel per site, although that number includes a reasonable number of widely-separated duplicates across the state, primarily among alternates. This is because the radios only allow up to 128 (if I recall correctly) control channels per system, and more than two per site including frequency reuse would put the total over that number.

The chances of any other than the primary and alternate being used are slim, and if it is necessary, the Motorola radios can search the band until a valid one is found. The neighbor control channel broadcast from adjacent sites helps speed this up if it's necessary.
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