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Monitoring with a conventional scanner I can confirm Riverview and Orient as active on the rebanded control channels. Can't quite hear London from home.

Also, traffic on HELPDESK indicates Fort Recovery rebanding is complete.


Originally Posted by mtindor View Post
A kind RR user has provided me Unitrunker data of him monitoring the Marysville site. I won't say his name because he might not want me to.

At any rate, Marysville lists the following site neighbors with rebanded control channels. I am not calling these sites as "reband complete" yet, but they certainly are in the process of being rebanded.

712D-007 Riverview - 852.85 cc
712D-031 Orient - 852.6625 cc
712D-032 London - 852.5875 cc

In all likelihood, rebanding on the sites listed above is complete. But they could be "in progress". At any rate, if they aren't completely rebanded yet, they probably will be by end of day.

If anybody can run Unitrunker on the above sites and obtain current information (from a pristine run of Unitrunker, after having deleted any pre-existing site of the same name from Unitrunker), it would be appreciated.

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