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Ok. Thanks for that. I just checked the Southwestern Region and typed in Sudbury, Chapleau, etc and they are there.

That is weird why the freq's under 153.000 MHz are now under a different district office, when these places don't have anything to do with the Southwestern Region. When these places are in the Northen Region.

It showed all the freq's for these places up until last month (the freq's from 49.000 Mhz all the way up) then after this month's update, when I went to check it again, that is when I noticed those freq's below 153.000 MHz were no longer there, which I found weird.

Is this the way it is going to be from now on, we will have to check another district now just to get those freq's below 153.000 Mhz, for these areas up in Northern Ontario. Or can this be fixed to have all the freq's including the ones below 153.000 Mhz show up for those places for Northern Ontario, so we won't have to check another district to get them.

Let me know.