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Originally Posted by TheMadScanner View Post
Hey Y'all, I've got my feed running through a RasPi also and so far it's been working great. What I am wondering though is if there is a way to port the input audio through one of the headset jacks for real time local monitoring. I've played around with the alsamixer for both the onboard audio jack and the USB Sound Card Jack and can't seem to find a way to do it without actually splitting the audio in. I figure there has to be a way to do it like there is with the Windows PC soundcard options. Any Ideas?


I had my Pi set up to feed audio out to a set of speakers as well as TTD at one point. I don't remember the exact details now. I do remember that i had a sound card with Line In and Mic jacks. Plugged into the Line in, all scanner audio was fed to the speakers. Plugged into Mic, only the "playback during record" from TTD came through. Try adjusting the outputs in Pavucontrol to see if you can find the right one. Try the Alsa output and plug your headset into the audio jack on the pi, not the sound card. I realize that i am just giving you shots in the dark here. Maybe later I can set up the pi the way i had it previously and figure it out.

My apologies, Mad, i thought i was in the TwoToneDetect on a Pi thread rather than the broadcasting a feed with a Pi thread. I have done what youbare describing when running TTD but not darkice. I don't believe darkice uses pulseaudio so you probably don't have pavucontrol.
Good luck.

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