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Originally Posted by coolguy View Post
Is this the way it is going to be from now on, we will have to check another district now just to get those freq's below 153.000 Mhz, for these areas up in Northern Ontario. Or can this be fixed to have all the freq's including the ones below 153.000 Mhz show up for those places for Northern Ontario, so we won't have to check another district to get them.
Although you may be seeing a change from the past based on something Industry Canada has done with its files, the reality is that this is how it has always been - records for a geographical area aren't always handled or filed under the district office that would come first to mind. The instructions for using the site (back when darkwing hosted it) have always suggested checking neighbouring regions for relevant hits.

There's not really anything I can do with the data to reorganize it reliably. Many of the records don't have sufficient geographic references in them to determine which region they "belong" in, and those that do (such as those with addresses or co-ordinates for the transmitter site - which is different from the registrant's address, also not always provided) would require a tremendous amount of guessing and fudging to reorganize programmatically. I certainly sympathize with your predicament, but there's no easy way to "fix" the data in the way you suggest.

However, I have been working on some strategies to offer a different way to search for data that would span across district offices, but it would have to be limited in scope somehow or you would quickly wind up with thousands of hits for your search. Once I get something working, I'll be sure to post a notice on the site's homepage in the "Latest News" section.