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Hi there: first of all thanks for keeping the site/info alive.
Secondly, much like the other posters, I'm having issues finding frequencies. I'm looking for stuff in the city of Ottawa...first I tried the Ontario eastern region, I figured that makes sence and that's where it was always listed on the previous site. A search for simply Ottawa literally brought up a handfull of results. Then I figured I would search for Stock Transportation, being as that was the origional thing I was looking for. I just used the keyword stock...and received no results.
I went thru every region in Ontario as well as the western Quebec and Montreal regions and found nothing in Ottawa for stock. I know they have active licenses here in the city. They were listed on the other site just a couple months ago. I also did searches for many other things that I know have active licenses in lafarge concrete [just using the word farge] etc. Nothing.
Am I doing something wrong or...?
Thanks in advance.
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