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Originally Posted by AMcKie View Post
Hmmm... I think you are on to something there. If you look at the details of this record:

TAFL Search Results:

You will see that it was downloaded as part of district office 45's file (db=45) which is the Southwestern office (Kitchener), yet it clearly contains the DO field value of 46, which is the Northern office (Sault Ste. Marie). This is also mimicked in the first two characters of the ID in the URL above (id=46035498001).

Perhaps we should be using the DO field to organize the data, instead of the download file?
DO doesn't necessarily pinpoint location either - note that a lot of cellular towers are on DO 7 (Headquarters) and almost all RAC (railway) licenses are on DO 53 (Montreal) for some reason.

Until recently I thought the FRID field always had the DO prepended to it, but I have seen situations where that's not true, mainly in regions where there's a lot of congestion. For example I've seen DO22 licenses with 16xxxxxxxxx FRIDs; and multiple DO23 licenses with 24xxxxxxxx FRIDs.
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