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Depending on what services you have available in your cabin (broadband internet specifically must be available) your best choice would probably be one of those fematocell units available from your cell phone provider. It would be fully legal, supported, and provide you with great signal where little or none existed previously. Basically they're a micro cell phone tower you can put into areas where you need service. The units generally need GPS signal (to activate them so they can't be taken overseas) and an internet connection (for communication between the unit and the cell phone company itself).

Here is one for the Sprint network --> Sprint AIRAVE Wireless In-Home Signal Booster for Voice & Data

Often they're available for sale from the cell phone companies for $100 - 150 or so. Don't stop reading just yet though since there's another way to get one for much less. If you're a customer in good standing with the cell company (and under contract) you can often get them to send you one for free (or a nominal charge) if you call their customer service number and demonstrate just how poor the coverage is where you need it. You can't have the call about getting one of the devices (I never mentioned it until the rep brought it up as a solution), or they'll simply insist you buy one if you want one. The call must be about how you can't use your phone in your house and must go outside (to a second story, etc.) to make a call. Only then do you have a shot for qualifying for a free (or heavily discounted) one.
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