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Default CHP added info

A couple of things to get correct.

CHP only gets it budget from vehicle registration fees, the $60-100 listed at the top of your renewal form and some government grant money. No gasoline or road tax money.

Most CHP area have switched to 700 in the individual officer's extenders.

CHP warranty is the same as a private person would get. On the CVPIs is was 3 yrs, 50,000 miles. CHP, as part of the bid process required a 3 year 100,000mile warranty on the engine, transmission, rear-end and I believe the drive line. After 100,000 miles, CHP foots the bill on those repair. In the office I retired from, we would hit 100,000 miles right around the 36 month limit. We had a 1996 CV that got the engine replaced at (approximately) 91,000, then transmission at about 95k, and then the rear end and driveline at 97k. Then we turned the car in at just over 100k. Ford asked no questions.

East Sacramento Area was created a couple of years ago. Its listed in the database as Rancho Cordova. They got a number of high mileage CVPIs from offices who lost territory and staff to the new office. So in the last few months, all their CVPIs have been replaced with Ford Explorers. Unfortunately an officer rolled one about two weeks after they got it. The guys/gals have to learn how to adapt to all wheel drive.

Before I retired, CHP had staring going to a system where everything is controlled by a laptop, lights, siren, radio, scanner, and it doubles as your mobile data terminal for CAD. I understand the need to compact everything , the cars are getting smaller, etc. But at some point functionality has to be considered. Version 2 of laptop control let you control the scanner, volume, but not the channel selection, which ones to scan, could not make entries. Scanner was in the trunk, behind a protective grill. so you had to program every conceivable freq you might need, at the office, inside the trunk. And while you could control up to 3 two-2ay radios, they only gave you one mic. There were a few other quirks with the Version 2 of the system that I hope they have worked out.
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