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The answer is fairly simple and you as the operator are in control of what rules apply. If you operate under the GMRS rules (using those frequencies, power limits, using GMRS certified radio, operating under your GMRS license - IDing as necessary etc.) the GMRS rules apply. If you operate under the FRS rules (no license, using the FRS frequencies, power limits, using FRS certified radio, etc.) then the FRS rules apply.

Since there's an overlap of the two types of services, the applicable rules follow how you operate. If you operate totally within the FRS rule set (limited power, FRS certified radios, etc.) you can operate under the FRS rule set (but you can also operate under the GMRS rule set if desired). If you operate using anything that's outside of the FRS rules (but within the GMRS rules) you must operate under the GMRS rule set. For example, if you use one of the bubble-pack FRS radios and don't use your ID, you can operate under the FRS rules, even if you have a valid GMRS license. If your radio transmits with more power than FRS allows, but at or below what GMRS allows, you must then operate under your GMRS license and ID as appropriate.
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