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If you just use the top 7 Interstitial GMRS channels at a home station, are you considered a small GMRS station restricted to 15 watts erp or can you use up to 50 watts and if so, what are the antenna restrictions. The small station limits you to a 20' antenna or 20' above a tree, but not your home.

I hate the way the rules are written. Others have said you can use only the top 7 channels mobile, so I'm confused. Searches of the FCC data base have not come up with much. Can you give me specific rules to look at so I know what is and is not legal.

I only care about programming the top 7 channels and using a couple repeaters that are a part of them, The other channels would not be programmed into the radio at all and it's a legal Kenwood radio that puts out 25 watts and yes, I have a GMRS license. Is the 50 watts what the radio puts out or ERP from your antenna so that you have to take gain of the antenna into account.

Thanks, John
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