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Originally Posted by dksac2 View Post
If you just use the top 7 Interstitial GMRS channels at a home station, are you considered a small GMRS station restricted to 15 watts erp or can you use up to 50 watts and if so, what are the antenna restrictions. The small station limits you to a 20' antenna or 20' above a tree, but not your home.

I hate the way the rules are written. Others have said you can use only the top 7 channels mobile, so I'm confused. Searches of the FCC data base have not come up with much. Can you give me specific rules to look at so I know what is and is not legal.

I only care about programming the top 7 channels and using a couple repeaters that are a part of them, The other channels would not be programmed into the radio at all and it's a legal Kenwood radio that puts out 25 watts and yes, I have a GMRS license. Is the 50 watts what the radio puts out or ERP from your antenna so that you have to take gain of the antenna into account.

Thanks, John
This question is for GMRS use only, the radio would only be programed with the top 7 GMRS channels. Is 5, 15 or 50 watts the legal limit? It's all too vague to me. The radio would have no FRS channels programed into it.

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