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Originally Posted by PCTEK View Post
Perhaps I didn't state my question properly. I know the FCC rules, but thanks for the refresher. The point of my question was... a group of people are running a drill. The all have the blister pack FRS/GMRS radios from various manufactures. They have chose to use channel 6 (462.6875) which is used by both FRS & GMRS. What radio service regs takes precedence? FRS or GMRS? Or is it a free for all where an individual can use the GMRS side of the radio (understanding that he needs a license, but as we all know likely doesn't have one (due to the $85 fee), still on the same freq but now increases his power output and therefore steps all over the FRS user. I guess there is no clear answer to this question. Sorry I asked it.
Welcome to the FCC Please try to keep your hear on as we spin you around with rules that overlay with other rules.

I thought you had a valid and honest question. But to be truthful, there are no regulations (to my limited knowledge) regarding FRS and GMRS channel overlay.
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