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Originally Posted by ScannerDude244 View Post
Are the small boxes in front of the keypad wireless mics in chargers? I can't quite make out the name.

I see they switched out the UHF Kenwood and 700/800 Motorola as seen in previous evolutions with EF Johnson mobiles. Still kept the VHF Midland, though. Hmm, interesting.

Can anyone tell if they have a vent on the battery? If so, I'd be interested to find how they ran it to the outside.

Originally Posted by musician2111 View Post
Those are nice looking pictures. But I was shocked to see the couple of the "trunk" area with the radio/computer stacks. It appears to me that the majority of your "trunk space" is taken up by the comm equipment. I do not see enough room for all of the gear bags and such. Anyone else agree?
I don't think it is as full as you think. If you look closely you can tell the drawers go in as far as the top one. In Rear Equipment picture #1 both lower drawers are pulled out, but you can see the top drawer is locked in. In picture #2 you can see they approximately line up with the end of the battery box when closed.

Looking at the third picture you can see the battery is quite a ways foreward and looks like a lot of room left for gear.
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