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FWIW, I never had that reported issue with the DX-398, and I've had batteries stored in it "a long time" the whole time I've owned it. Only problem I've had with it is the negative terminal needed to be resoldered after maybe 8 years of use.

RE: Other Sangean products: I've had no issues with them, aside from the necessity of hard wiring the battery on the 440 (which I also did to the 390) -- the 'fork' connectors that connect the battery to the main PCB on those radios can go funky after 10 years or so of use. I also wired back to back diodes on both those radios for further protection from static electricity.

With portable radios, you're always going to have certain issues with quality, even some of the older, "classic" SW transistor models had glitches that developed over time.

The deal with the 909X is that it's pretty expensive; the last thing you'd want is a $250+ (?) radio that stops working for no reason. Being perturbed with them over this issue is understandable.
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