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Default There IS a better portable

Originally Posted by 902 View Post
I bought a Sangean 505 about 20 years ago to listen to some friends who had the Spectrum program on WWCR. It was an okay receiver, but my son broke the display when he was a little kid and I couldn't get a replacement. The newer LCD replacements were incompatible with the vintage I had. Very long story short, the radio was a battery hog. It ate batteries every few days even if I wasn't using it. The non-radio features were clunky and non-intuitive. So, I would give it a "meh" but only because I soldered wires to the battery spring and contact and hooked up a little variable power supply to run the thing. To be fair, it did what it was supposed to and I put some mileage on it. But the display and user interface were funky right from the start. I wrote it off because I was an unsophisticated guy who didn't understand things people from other parts of the world obviously did (really?).

Then, maybe 6 years ago I took a trip to Radio Shack and bought a Grundig G3, which was a lot like the Sangean (they have to be made in the same place by the same people - the non-radio functions made equal nonsense to me). I used to use this one for BCB DXing and with the fluorescent lights off, it had a neat MW receiver that I could hear AM from the Caribbean at night. I got sent to the Middle East and thought, COOL! I was going to do some SWLing from another part of the world! I unpacked the radio (which was in its fake leather case), inserted the AA batteries which I brought with me, and turned it on. It played for about 3 seconds and smoked. Seems that during the flight some hardware vibrated loose inside and shorted. My SWL dreams were dashed.

There has to be something better than these portables out on the market. Heck, I'd take my Transoceanic with me on trips if it were not a collector's item now and it didn't cost so much for luggage.

I had the Sangean 505P like yours, I gave it to a relative (i still regret it, Im an indian giver!)

there IS a better portable: the Kaito 1103. You'd think i work for the company by the number of recommendations I give for it. I don't, but if Kaito is listening... lol

the Kaito 1103 (not so sure of the other models! I only have owned this one) is such a great radio. I use it a lot, and I find myself using it more than the more pricey radios I have. The Kaito is small but not TOO small, it's got the BFO for SSB, LF and SW, and only about 80 USD or so. it's awesome on MW too it has a nice size ferrite.
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