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Default BC246T Discriminator

I have installed a discriminator tap on my BC246T.
I am trying to use DSD to decode the digital RCMP trucking TGIDs here in manitoba.
Most are still unencrypted (except the feds) so encryption isnt the issue.

The MTS fleetnet is a MOTO II trunking system and the RCMP talkgroups operate P25 AFAIK.

I have DSD running, and have tried adjusting the volume, I have tried 3 different PCs, all with the same
results. Its like DSD isnt syncing with the digital signal. I might get a few seconds of clear intelligable
speech, but most of the time its a garbled mess.

I have tried running the discriminator directly to the sound card, have tried decoupling caps and padding
resistors, nothing makes a difference.

Anyone have luck using this scanners discriminator to decode p25 via DSD?

What am I missing?
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