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A little late to the thread, I have had a DX398 since 1999, and never had a problem with it, great receiver. The DX392 however, I have had some problems. Can only use it with AC now, and have tried every "fix" on the internet. Anyway not trying to highjack a thread. Just showing that QC (even at Sangean) can be hit and miss I guess.

For what its worth, if you don't need USB/LSB the Tecsun 380 is one awesome little radio, blows my larger radios out of the water on SW BCB. And believe it or not, I just purchased a Kenwood HH thf6a as a receiver( I know, get my HAM lic., I will someday hopefully) , and with a telescoping antenna ,this little radio is awesome, USB/LSB come in great. Fine tuning is very good on this radio. Mike
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