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I bought a Sangean ATS-909 in January 2008, and for me it has been a good little radio for the price I paid for it. I haven't experienced the lock-up problem at all. The only problem that it does have is that the clock display doesn't work correctly, some of the elements in the LCD won't darken as they're supposed to.

I also disliked that if you directly entered a frequency on the int'l broadcast bands, it would try to match it with a broadcaster it had in the preloaded memory and display that instead of the frequency. I get around that by entering a frequency 1 khz up from the frequency I really want then tune down 1 khz to it. So for example if I want to tune to 9.800 mhz, I key in 9 8 0 1 ENTER then use the tuning knob to drop down to 9.800 Mhz, otherwise it might display "Radio France Intl" or something like that.

Other than this, though, it has been a good, cheap HF band radio which offers SSB as well as AM/FM.
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