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Thanks for starting the thread at least. Nice that you can now get to the fun part of the project. I have had two darkice feeds running on separate pi's since sometime in August. The only time either feed has gone down unexpectedly is when the server at RR went down one day. I think that the pi should handle multiple feeds well. Each of mine also runs TwoToneDetect.

I don't have any experience with anything except the cheap $3 or so sound cards off of Ebay. Never had a problem with one of these yet. Regardless of the sound card the audio is never going to be better than the scanner output. My audio isn't the best but I blame the scanners. It is certainly in the acceptable range, though.

My pi's auto reboot every morning at 3 am. The feed has never failed to come back on line within a minute or so. They aren't in usb hubs but I don't think that will have an effect.

There is some additional setup information that I followed in another thread:

Good luck.
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