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Originally Posted by frazpo View Post
Ok, I have read about that in the past. That would be a nice feature.

On the Pi. Are there any Pi sellers that are recommended? Ebay? Amazon?
They are all basically the same $. Mine came from Get the model B. Best way to run one is to remote into it from another computer thus you don't need keypad, mouse, or monitor. HDMI output connects easily to a modern TV for initial setup. Then once you determine the pi's IP address (ifconfig is the command) you can remote in from puTTY on a windows machine or from the Terminal application on a Mac. Lots easier than having all those cables around.

Attached is a shopping list of what you need. Choose another 5v. power supply as they are out of the one listed. Just make sure that it has a minimum 1amp output.

Here is the sound card:

USB External 7 1 Channel 3D Virtual Audio Sound Card Adapter PC A 229 | eBay

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