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Default Where are located in Arizona?

I haven't seen you say where in Arizona you are located.

If you are down around Tucson, then I highly recommend you wait till later in January for the release of the next generation Uniden digital scanners that will work on the new Pima County public safety system. It will be a TDMA Phase II system which will supposedly becoming operational in April if it isn't tripped up again but it is coming. The new Unidens will handle that. There was a GRE PSR-800 that handles it, but since GRE went belly up people are selling them at crazy prices and lets face it it has time under it's belt.

The new scanners will have a simple enter your zip code interface to get you up and running to listen with out having to program yourself if you find that overwhelming.

Another very interesting thing to monitor is the military air radio traffic above AZ.
Luke AFB in Phoenix and Davis Monthan AFB and the F-16 training operation at Tucson International Airport in Tucson. There are many training operations, exercises and such that can make for some very interesting listening...These exercises can get very intense and quite exciting. These take place on the VHF and UHF ranges in the AM mode. I find that a whole lot more interesting then listening to police calls. The Goldwater range usually is very busy airspace. Half the time I can hear plenty of air to air traffic with the pull up antenna. An outside mounted discone antenna makes it a lot better though. The best activity occurs during daylight ans so of the bigger training exercises play out into the night,too.

And you have civilian and commercial air traffic.

Then when the wildfires are raging there are air operations there too.

So, there is a lot of stuff to listen to in Arizona. It's whatever interests you. And of course the $$$ aspect.

A digital scanner will give you access to all this and more. Check out what freq's it covers and modes.

Yes, a new digital scanner is an expense, for sure.

Just make sure what you are going to buy will give you a feature set that will give you whats coming down the line in the region your monitoring in . Better to be prepared for what the future may bring than spending a couple hundred dollars for something that won't grow with system changes. No regrets! As they say stuff changes in a blink of the eye. .... YMMV.

Here's a link to the new Uniden and its first setup to give you an idea. BCD536HP: First Power On - YouTube

Hope this helps you.

All the best
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