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Originally Posted by AZScanner View Post
It's going to depend on what the FCC does. If the RWC gets a reprieve from the 2016 deadline for narrowbanding, then they'll likely take their time switching over to a full Phase II network, but if not then they are going to have to be completely Phase II by 2016 (and the budget for this is already approved, so money isn't the issue - this WILL happen).

The good news is you've still got a couple of years left regardless, so you'll get a bit more mileage out of that scanner. But the day will eventually come when yes, the PSR-600 will stop working on the RWC. Whistler will likely have re-released the PSR-800 by then so you'll have options for the RWC if you want to stick with GRE scanners.

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately my experience has been that the PSR-800 may have some super cool features, but it has fairly poor sensitivity. Distant systems, especially P25 it seems, just aren't pulled in the way the 500 and 600 can pull them in. I am really hoping that the new scanners from Uniden address what I consider to be fairly poor P25 audio / decoding that is present on the BCD996XT and BCD396XT. Those also just can't compare to the P25 voice decoding present with the PSR-500/600.

As a side note, I know several PS people who use the RWC every day and the general feeling is that it just plain stinks compared to the old VHF system, which still gets used where the RWC won't work (certain locations and on firegrounds). I was talking to a friend who drives a rescue and he said on large accident scenes it's really awful because there is no simplex and back to VHF they go. At the worst times he goes to key up and gets the busy tone during times of heavy traffic. He usually carries a VHF radio and his partner carries the K dec radio. He gets the calls on VHF a few seconds before she gets hers. Not a big deal, just interesting.

On the coming of all-out encryption, I totally agree. Our government consistently makes moves to become more secretive, never less, and it's always in the name of "public safety" and to prevent "terrorists" from harming the good people. I always felt that keeping non-tactical ops in the clear "keeps honest people honest", but I don't want to open up the whole encryption debate for the millionth time, so I'll just leave it at that.

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