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See some see this as improvement but I see it as the same.

The latest video (thank you BTW) the audio is clear to a point. It sounds like a MOTOTRBO system I monitor through the PC. Still a little garbled. Then it also shows how the audio drops out.

Both are what I experience listing to the Simulcast here in VA with my HP.

I think saying they "tweaked" something is better than saying they "fixed" it since the new unit is still doing what the old ones were.

I also think those using older smaller units are letting the NEWER units cloud their judgement a little. Anything new will sound better than the old.

Just my opinion. Please keep the videos coming, I am still looking for a good reason to spend the
I am just a Novice, compared to some here. I am willing to learn and once know what has been taught to me, will help others know this awesome hobby of ours.
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