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Ok, thanks Tony. I'll get that changed. Agreed, there must be a lot more talkgroups than what's currently listed.

Hey man, yeah, your Pro-197 should pick it up - Pro-197 - The RadioReference Wiki

P25 is just the newer standard for trunking radios. The system Macon has been on up to now was a "SmartZone" system that was made by Motorola. Now, the gov't has mandated everybody move to the same P25 standard. According to news articles I read, Macon bought this P25 system way back in the mid-2000's with grant money, but never paid for the radios to go with it, so it sat doing nothing for years. I guess they finally ponied up the cash for the rest of the parts to make it work, just in time for them to buy a new system from Harris reportedly...
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