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Originally Posted by WuLabsWuTecH View Post
And I think the scan works on a 0.25 second latency? So since tones can be as short as 1 second, unless they changed the latency, I don't think you can ever get more than 3 frequencies scanned and have reliable alerting.
It think that's a good analysis. We have a number of our V's setup to scan two channels with tone alerting on both; one for our ambulance and one for our fire department. We roll together on some calls (MVA's, structure fires, Deep woods rescues, etc.) But mostly it's one or the other. Since we are both relatively low call volume agencies, we haven't had any missed pages due to scanning issues.

I'm not sure how 5 channel capacity but only two channel scan is going to work out. I'm reserving judgement on the until I can examine the PPS.
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