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Originally Posted by BamaScan View Post
I hate to say they need to close all of them. There concept is bad.
The concept of a general purpose electronics store isn't bad, it's Radio Shack's interpretation that's bad. It works well for Fry's. Fry's is successful, although their parts department is usually quite a mess.

Originally Posted by BamaScan View Post
They don't even know there name "Radio Shack" or "The Shack" . The good old days are gone.
It's worse than that. They not only don't know their name, they don't know the meaning of the name, or it's history.

Originally Posted by BamaScan View Post
Just look at how much everything has changed...

...As Bob Groove once said our hobby is shrinking away.
What Radio Shack, Fry's, and radio hobbyists in general need to to is rediscover the fun of building things. Radio Shack would do wonders for their bottom line to formalize a relationship with the Maker movement, advertise in Make Magazine, and start carrying items that Makers need for their projects. Out here in California, there are several ham clubs that are attending and exhibiting at Maker fairs and generating a lot of interest.

Thee are people who are getting into computer building, robotics, electronics, and they are being shown that ham radio is a perfect fit.

Radio Shack could turn their fortunes around and help revive several hobbies, but I don't think their management has the vision to go beyond cellphones and talking stuffed toys.

If they don't embrace the Maker movement, then the company deserves to die, and I'd say good riddance.
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