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The bigger question is how can a for-profit stockholder based company make it in the hobbyist electronics business as a big-box style retailer of the size and scope of Radio Shack?

short answer is it isn't feasible. If it were, it would already be done.

They actually tried this during the 90's and were the first to jump out before the malaise hit the other big box electronic retailers. That you have to give them credit for being visionaries. Remember Icredible Universe? That had to be the most giant retail space ever given to computers,parts, and personal electronics. So big they even had a food court, kiddie day care, and more inventory then any store in history. They cut their losses by the end of the 90's just as the others were in their infance gearing up like Best Buy. Same went for Computer City. They already saw the handwriting on the wall that Comp USA and others were too blind to see and bailed to let the rest of the industry learn the hard way. Give them their due making long term predictions in a market growing saturated and loosing their niche. They realized that they were no longer the portal for emergent technology they once were and a whole new generation and department store chains were opening up to those same sales channels. With the wise decisions, they for some reason didn't extend that to the small, brick and mortar RS stores. What they're proposing to do right now is nothing new. They did it before with their mall entry Technology Stores from strip shopping centers as a glitzy, non techie, retail outlet for their prime, high yield products only. No parts, just the major sellers with the retail conumer friendly enviornment free from the intimidating nerd tech outlet radio shacks that average folks didn't feel comfrortable entering. This time they have no niche and their customers are the same buying from the retail giants. This is not going to end well barring some market shake-up that they again can exploit a niche. This isn't the 70's glory days with a few stores per state. They're cutting back to 4K retail locations in the states alone. That's a massive presence with no advantages over other retailers anymore. Scarlet lenses aside, they are in business to make money and keep the finance side happy and not a public service for a handfull of dreaming niche buyers that overall sales don't amount to squat. No amount of responsible B class certified corporation twist is going to endear themselves to wall street and surely not their stock holders in today's economy and maybe in dozen years when the millenials take the reigns things might change with a paradigm shift in corporate responsibility to community and employees. Not in today's economy.
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