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Originally Posted by Nighthawk424 View Post
Well I think they are going to become basically computer stores now. They will stop selling parts. Say goodbye to radios at radio shack. This means no more parts such as connectors, coax etc. I think if anything they will just move as far away from radio as possible and focus on the latest electronic gizmos like computers, cell phones, tablets etc. This is my opinion on the direction they are headed. Radio stuff is no longer profitable.
Before you go ahead and say what they're going to carry and what they aren't, go into a concept store because obviously you haven't been in one yet. Call your local shack and ask where the nearest concept store is, they are
REALLY cool. For someone who has shopped with them now for 15 years, I was amazed the first time I walked into one.

Second point, they haven't actually come out and said they are closing 500 stores, this article was leaked by the WSJ and is speculation at this point. The execs at Radioshack have already said that certain stores may close so that new ones in better locations would open. It serves no purpose to keep an underperforming location open. Also the CEO Joe Magnacca has been quoted saying "I think we are a 4000 plus network of stores" so that still gives them a large footprint.

They are constantly evolving, trying to stay relevant so yes certain area may shrink so others can grow. Look at the whole "make it" section that carries Arduino and other neat programmable electronics. It's still a DIY that is now becoming a Do-It-Together store. They're not going anywhere.

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