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You need what is known as terminal emulation program. Windows used to come with HyperTerminal, but Microsoft stopped bundling it with Windows at Win7, I believe. You can still find HyperTerminal on the web. There are others that you might want to try. I use one called TeraTerm.

Assuming that you have your D72 connected to your computer and assuming that the D72 serial port driver has been loaded, you'll need to look at the Windows Device Manager to see what COM port the driver is using. Once you know the COM port number, you can configure your terminal emulation program to use that COM port at 9600 baud 8-N-1.

Put your D72 into packet mode (not APRS mode). Hit the Enter key on your computer keyboard a couple of times to see if you get any response from the D72. If you do, type "DISP" and hit Enter. Your D72 should respond with the current status of all the packet commands and settings.

Once you've established that you have communications between your computer and the D72's TNC, you can try connecting the TNC's over the air. Let's assume that your callsign is N9ABC. You will need to set the MYCALL parameter in both D72's. Note that this is different from the APRS callsign. At the TNC's command prompt on your computer, type "MYCALL N9ABC-1" and hit enter. The TNC should acknowledge that command. Now, do the same thing with the other D72 only use N9ABC-2.

OK, with the MYCALL set on both D72s and both D72s connected to computers and both D72s set to the same frequency (try 145.010 to start), you can communicate using packet. On the D72 that's configured as N9ABC-1, use your computer to send the command "C N9ABC-2" and hit Enter. The N9ABC-1 D72 should send a packet that the other D72 hears and responds to. They'll do a little packet negotiating and then connect. From that point, you can type messages keyboard to keyboard between the two D72s. To get out of keyboard to keyboard mode, use your computer to send a Control-C to one of the TNCs. That will get you a command prompt so you can send "D" to disconnect.
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