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Default Allegheny County - North Boroughs / Sewickley area frequency changes

This week, Allegheny County made some significant changes to fire and police frequencies in the North Boroughs and Sewickley areas. These changes are as follows, and have been in effect since 3/26:

North Police Dispatch 11, previously a simulcast on 495.0125 and 494.4125, is now on the following:

North PD 11 Rx 495.0125 Tx 498.0125 CTCSS 186.2

Bellevue (108), Avalon (103), Ben Avon (109), Emsworth (148), Ohio Township (220), Neville (205), Aleppo (101), Sewickley (258), and Leetsdale (309) Fire Departments are now paged on the same UHF channel with a separate UHF operations channel. Paging on VHF 154.220 is still occurring, perhaps for an unknown time frame until all departments have completely transitioned.

North Fire Dispatch 4 Rx 494.6375 Tx 497.6375 CTCSS 167.9
North Fire Ops 5 Rx 495.5125 Tx 498.5125 CTCSS 162.2 (Formerly Ohio Fire 2)

The 494.4125 pair will now become an area public safety channel for multi-disciplinary use.

Quaker Valley Public Safety Rx 494.4125 Tx 497.4125 DCS 432

All squelch codes were verified by direct monitoring.

John N3RTS
Leetsdale PA
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