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Originally Posted by hydro12943 View Post
for instance uniden submitted application for bcd536hp on or before 09/20/2013...
testing was not done on unit till 11/16/2013 - fcc tests & authorization
product not on market till last month 02/2014
tells me it took 5 months for uniden which is already setup as a factory and has the means of building in 3 months from approval date

However whistler being new in the Industry has no previous set ups... drawing board for them... even if patents were purchased the items were NOT.
Therefore they need engineering and programming and final factory prototype and tests before it can even be submitted...
They did not receive prior authorizations because those are non transferable per fcc rules....
as for the psr-900 it was denied so therefore a few things need to be changes as the psr-900 was emitting a elevated frequency around 812 MHz if I remember correctly... please do not quote the emission as it might have been another frequency
Yes you are correct
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