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Originally Posted by DonS View Post
Reports are that Whistler bought GRE's scanner-related IP. That would include all engineering documents, firmware source code, schematics, PCB layouts, parts lists (including part specifications and sourcing info), mechanical (chassis) drawings, etc. Since Whistler does have access to at least one factory to manufacture their other products, I'd presume such a factory could take that IP and build scanners.

Sure, some engineering might be required so that the factory can "learn" how to make a scanner, but they certainly wouldn't have to go back to the "drawing board" for the GRE scanners that were already in production. About the only thing I'd be concerned about might be the possibility of components that had hit EOL since a particular scanner's introduction; those would need to be replaced, re-specified, re-tested.
DonS thanks for replying and I just figured why not make the new 197/106 with upgraded cpu and firmware. I know it would mean more coding but perhaps the investment would be well worth the 599.99 pricetag.
Otherwise I find it hard to believe that they will be selling many.
Granted Whistler Group is a known company when it comes to radar detectors but new to the game when it comes to scanner receivers..

Would it even be possible to change the previous CPU DSP to the newer ones that support phase II or would it have to be completely redesigned? Just a thought... don't know if the manufacturing could be as simple as a new cpu/dsp and command set?
Thanks for your time
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