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Wow I guess I should jump on here a little more often. So I have always had the event channels in the feed as most the time they are used for events like state fair the balloon fiesta and so forth. I had no idea PD chose to use an event channel for the protest but never the less if they would have stayed peaceful then it would have been a very boring event for PD. 2nd APD has enough secure channels they could have just moved to one of them and off the event channel.

Let it be said that I 100% support APD and stand behind them. In no way at all do I wish or want to compromise the safety of our officers. They have a hard enough job to do. We can't judge there actions off a short video clip from a four hour stand off in one case. We don't have the right to judge them until we have walked in there shoes and done there job. With that said I still stand behind APD all the way. I am sure they know there feed is public and if they wanted to make it secure then they could have moved to another channel. I bet for that matter they know who I am and if there was an issue I am sure it would have been dealt with long ago.

Just my 2 cents
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