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Originally Posted by ramal121 View Post
So the repeater hangs up with a weird noise, then drops with the with a courtesy tone. I'm gonna call a spade a spade and say this sounds like IMD to me. Fault with the duplexer, coax, antenna. Something along those lines. Sure there are reasons to have a noisy transmit from a maratrac and smacking it would cure it. What bugs me is the hang on time before it drops and the courtesy tone beeps. Yea it could be excessive transmitter noise affecting the receiver, but usually I find that symptom originates beyond that. You've swapped out the transmit unit and it's playing OK now. Good luck and see how time reveals the problem...
The receiver is the actual MSR card with crystal. The Maratrac replaced the exciter and PA due to issues with the back plane socket and PA. So that is how it is set up. You may be right as the changing stopped the issue.
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