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Jay, thanks very much for taking the time to provide feedback.

Originally Posted by Jay911 View Post
First - chalk up one more request to expand support to the R820T chipset. I was lucky enough to find one of my old E4000 devices, but I have two R820Ts I'd like to try as well.
It's funny to hear the E4000 referred to as 'old'. The R820T addition should happen shortly.

Originally Posted by Jay911 View Post
Second - also chalk up more requests for support for Moto 3600 and P25 9600 CC decode.
I'm planning to include both. I'll probably work on the 3600 decoder right after the R820T. I have to develop a C4FM demod, so the P25 will be a bit longer.

Originally Posted by Jay911 View Post
Third - is there a way I can bulk populate the system/site/channel list from a text file or something? Not to bash your UI but I think I could put all my data in much faster by copy/pasting from an Excel sheet into a data file.
I agree. Many parts of the UI need work. I'm planning to interface to the RR database so that you can point/click to select/import systems from the database. I started down that path, but RR is using an older SOAP format for their web services and the java interface code generator tool didn't want to cooperate. So, I'll have to write the interface by hand.

Let me do some more work on the UI and get the RR interface implemented and then see if there's still a need for an alternate import method.

Originally Posted by Jay911 View Post
And one bug report - in the configuration area/editor panel, where you are able to type in a frequency, on my Windows 7 PC, only the numbers above the QWERTY part of the keyboard work for this function. When I try to use my number pad (and yes, NumLock is on), the number appears briefly, but is replaced by a zero immediately, and the vcursor doesn't progress to the next cell (like it does when using the numbers above the alpha keys).
I plan to completely redo the frequency control, but I'll put a bug report in to see if I can patch the current control to let you use those keys.

Thanks again for the feedback.

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