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Originally Posted by Laxplurr06 View Post
Thanks for the help! I got the pi to turn on the gpio for 10 seconds. It then activates a light bar I had siting around. I am very happy with the outcome.
I also had a little time to kill this morning. Turkey hunting has gone badly for me this year and it is raining to boot.

I had a four relay SainSmart board laying around that I had never figured out. It turns out to be quite easy to make a little python program that switches the relays. In this photo the LED for relay No. 3 indicates that it has been activated. Those relays are rated 10A at 125-250 VAC and 10A at 28-30VDC. You should be able to switch most any load you want with them.

Here is the link to the most useful hardware setup information that I found. Mine is wired as shown in his image except I used relay #3 and GPIO pin 11.

Raspberry Pi • View topic - GPIO to SainSmart 4-channel relay board, transistors needed?
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