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Originally Posted by nick223 View Post

I have numerous Verizon carriers on TTD not receiving alerts. Some are iPhones and some are droid phones but it's a big portion of Verizon carriers no other carrier is effected maybe the occasional sprint carrier but I don't have to many sprint people.

But its weird with these Verizon carries some get every ttd text alert others get a few ttd alerts but not all. Some don't get their dept ttd alert but get other dept alerts ( on same email address)

Then I have some that don't get alerts from one email address at all for ttd but they receive my other email address for alerts on a different ttd.

I'm operating 2 ttd on 2 different pi's and two gmail email addresses.

I have ATT and I get all the alerts just fine.
Any idea? I'm stumped


A few things to check:

1) Make sure the attachments are being sent in AMR or mp3 format, not as WAV files. If they are being sent as WAV files, that means ffmpeg isn't working.
2) If AMR isn't working, try mp3 instead, and vice versa
3) Make sure you're sending to the MMS address, not the SMS address. For Verizon it's
4) Is there any correlation between undelivered messages and attachement file size? Some carriers block attachments that are too large. If this is happening, you might need to shorten your recording or use a lower bit rate for encoding
5) If you're using a "From" address different from the actual account being used to send the message, it will sometimes get marked as spam
6) If you have a lot of people you're sending to, you can try using the BCC option to send, some people have reported that helps with large distribution lists

I'm surprised you're having problems with Verizon, they have had the least amount of issues of all of the carriers, in my experience.

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