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Originally Posted by wk5h View Post
I purchased the BCD536HP primarily for one thing, and that was to use the Siren app to be able to leave my scanner at home attached to an external antenna, and be able to listen on my iPhone from work or while mobile.

I've pretty much come to the conclusion that the Siren app is probably not going to come to fruition. It was a great idea, and would've worked great for what I wanted to do... but, just doesn't look like it's going to happen IMO. From what I've read, just seems like there's just way too many problems with the wifi dongle and too much dormant time for the app since it was supposed to be released till now.

So, that leaves me with a BCD536HP I bought for ~$600. I don't need Phase II, and I still want a desktop with a serial port . I've also grown annoyed with having to write to the SD card all the time just to make 1 or 2 changes, and it's pretty much impossible to make any changes to the radio unless you're physically in front of the scanner and computer, even when using RDP.

I'm thinking of moving to the BCD996XT, running FreeSCAN (only software I've found so far that has a working IOS app) and then streaming the audio via ScannerCast.

I've come to the conclusion that with selling the BCD536HP, I'm going to loose probably $150-200 off what I initially paid; I might be able to recoup enough out of it to buy a new 996XT; not sure at this point, just pretty sure I'm going to loose money on this.

Does this sound like a feasible plan, or anyone else have a better but similar setup?
I went back to two BCD996XT and a BCT15X and sold my two BCD536HP for 560.00 bucks each. Never looked back. All the stress of figuring out when Uniden was going to release the app doesn't matter anymore as well as all of those radio were not built right and still have hardware related issues which firmware upgrades will not fix. Dump it and move on. Uniden knows these radios have issues that's why Paul from Uniden does not know what to say at this point.
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